Albe De Coker
From 1 to 1 million copies

Albe De Coker is the result of a merger between printing house Albe and De Coker Document facilities. It is now the largest and most modern printing house in the Benelux for digital printing, offset printing and print-on-demand. The merger has lead to maximal synergy; Albe was a specialist in large dimensions and large quantities, De Coker in small dimensions and small quantities.



Bringing together divergent cultures and visions is the eternal challenge for mergers and takeovers. This is also true for Albe De Coker. Furthermore, it is of vital importance that clients quickly get acquainted with the new merger group, that they know what the group has to offer and that they stay on as a client. Brand awareness, brand knowledge, brand image!


Strategy and approach

Lemento creates the name Albe De Coker in a best of both worlds concept. The combined name represents the merger of equals strategy, with respect for the past and a clear vision for the future. For the market positioning, the chosen central theme is “from 1 to 1 million”. With regards to logo, visual identity and communication, Lemento opts for a sober and no-nonsense style. This is reflected in the correspondence set, publications, PowerPoint and website. The launching campaign is shaped with this clear message: one name, one company, endless possibilities.

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