Fonds Verhelst
Internal brand back in business

The Verhelst Fund wants to support Inbev employees and their immediate family members as much as possible during major events in their lives. The fund assists in (among others) medical and education costs under certain conditions. The Fund was set up in  1949 by Léon Verhelst, former chairman of the board of the Artois breweries and is active in the Benelux, France, Romenia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary and Croatia.



The Verhelst Fund is not or not sufficiently known – in Belgium nor in other countries – and therefore it doesn’t always reach the right people. The brand identity is with regards to design and communication not in accordance with the personality and the desired image.


Strategy and approach

Lemento give the Verhelst Fund the advice to create an internal brand and develops a clear positioning. Together with the client, Lemento determines the desired personality during a brand definition workshop.  This is used as the basis to create a brand identity and the launch campaign to go with it. Goal: augment brand awareness and brand knowledge with all Inbev employees.

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