An agency becoming visible

The Flemish Agency for Socio-cultural Work for Youth and Adults is a new Agency of the Flemish government. It was established in 2006 as a part of the (new) Flemish Ministry of Culture, Youth, Sports and Media. It contains both the Department for Youth and the Department of Popular Adult Education and Local Cultural Policy.



The public administration reorganisation of the Flemish authorities, the Better Administrative Policy, was the direct reason for the fusion of different departments active on the domains of youth and culture. The agency opted for a corporate identity of its own to emphasize its individual character within the Flemish government.


Strategy and approach

Lemento first invites the employees of the different departments to a workshop. How do they see the new agency, their new colleagues and what are the elements the departments have in common? Then we develop the new logo and the corporate identity. The logo can be seen both as a word mark and a symbol. It is a perfect square, accurate and eye-catching. It stands for openness and mirrors an active dynamic agency. The individual style ensures visual recognisability and is an aid for a uniform communication with the customers.

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