Motivation. Integration. Innovation

The ‘Programmatorische federale Overheids Dienst Duurzame Ontwikkeling’ was founded in 2002. With tasks such as the preparation, coordination and execution of the policy with regard to durable development, it is an institution that supports other federal civil services with their expertise in durable development.


POD DO is a young civil service. In order to professionalize, they were looking for a partner for the development and implementation of a strong brand that reflects their unique mission, vision and strategy. During the process Lemento had to take the criteria of durability into account; not only in design, but also in the development of the applications.
Based on a thorough analysis that consisted of a brand definition workshop with the senior management, we created a logo and baseline (‘Motivation. Integration. Innovation.’). Motivation stands for the people behind the organization who make the unique mission of the civil service come true. Integration reflects the transversal role that POD DO plays in the governmental network. Innovation stands for the renewal and imagination needed to solve the future problems in durable development.


Strategy and approach

The stationary is in line with the visual element of the logo. We also developed documents and templates. To communicate the new brand to the organization, we created corporate guidelines. 

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