Public Governance
From eight identities to one brand

The Agency for Domestic Governance is part of the Flemish Department of Public Governance. It works for local councils, public centres for social welfare, provinces and the related public administrations.  The Agency for Domestic Governance provides support for the implementation of a coherent policy for local and provincial authorities, the cities policy and the civic integration policy.



The Flemish authorities offer new foreign citizens (“new Flemings”) an integration programme. These programmes are coordinated by the welcome offices in the provinces and cities. Together they count with over forty branches and about 300 employees. The welcome offices all have a different name and identity. To increase recognition and emphasize the growing professional character of the civic integration policy, Flemish minister Marion Keulen orders the design of a common corporate identity for this civic integration policy. From eight identities to one brand.


Strategy and approach

After finishing a consultation round with all eight welcome offices and a workshop in Brussels, Lemento advises the Flemish authorities on which name and which brand architecture to use. We develop a corporate identity: logo, corporate identity and several applications. To ensure a smooth implementation, we provide the necessary tools such as corporate identity guidelines, templates and a corporate identity website.

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