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The p.l.c. TUC RAIL was founded in 1992 as a subsidiary of the then NMBS. During the course of its 17-year existence, the company has demonstrated great expertise in various fields of railway technology, specifically in the area of infrastructure. For all this time TUC RAIL has been implementing large scale railway infrastructure both at home and abroad. Their projects have an average duration of 5 to 10 years. A few examples: HST, Gewestelijk ExpressNet (GEN) around Brussels, the opening up of Antwerp harbour and airports, etc.

At the end of 2006 the Board of Directors approved a strategic plan which contained the emphasis for the continuity of the business following the completion of the HST-project. This plan was  followed by the STEP (Strategic Transformation for Excellent Performance) action plan. Since that time various projects in the area of communications have been revised and  new initiatives have taken shape. (intranet, website, internal company information sheet, photo album, company film ... ) In the field of communications however, there was a specific requirement for an explicitly designed  vision and strategy which would determine the organisation of the department and the planning of future activities.

Strategy and approach
4 steps were taken for the analysis of the current communications strategy and the design of a new strategy and plan: research, analysis, workshop and the master plan. Interviews were conducted and the current strategy was analysed and assessed against communications objectives. Using a management workshop Lemento determined the positioning and brand image of TUC RAIL. Target groups,  objectives and the communications tools to be utilised were discussed extensively in the master plan or final presentation Furthermore, a detailed communications plan was developed which incorporated deadlines and task packages for the communications service. In a second phase  Lemento was also asked to implement the communications plan. This communications plan was based on 3 pillars: Corporate Branding, Change Communication and Internal Communication. A variety of projects were organised within the various pillars: a new Brand Promise which is better connected to the desired image, a revised corporate logo and content for the website, the ‘On Track' programme with which strategy was introduced to the workforce interactively, an employee magazine ....

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