New tasks, new identity

The Flemish Social Housing Company (VMSW – Dutch abbreviation used in the logo) is the new Flemish Housing Society (VHM) since 1 July 2006. The VMSW is in charge of executing and financing the social housing programme of the Flemish government. It stimulates, supports and guides local organisations to set up affordable quality projects and also takes initiatives of its own.



The Flemish Housing Society has been converted into an external autonomous agency as a part of the Better Administrative Policy, the public administration reorganisation of the Flemish authorities. The VHM not only supported social housing companies, it also supervised them. As this combination could easily lead to misuse, both tasks were separated. The VHM is since the reorganisation only responsible for guiding the social housing companies. This new positioning calls for a new identity.


Strategy and approach

From the internal and external corporate identity audit, the following desired image associations emerge: client orientation, efficiency, swiftness, transparency and flexibility. This, combined with additional input gathered during the analysis, allows Lemento to consciously choose the abbreviation VMSW. This name is already partly known among the press and the social housing companies. The baseline “Enabling social housing” at the same time incorporates the brand promise. Lemento creates the logo and the corporate identity. We also provide a whole range of applications such as correspondence, internal documents, publications, templates and signage. It results in a dynamic visual identity that does not remind anyone of the VHM.


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