25 years working in water

The core task of the VMW (Flemish Water Supply Company) is the supply of quality drinking water at a reasonable price. They are also partners to local authorities in the field of sanitation management and supply processing water to industry on demand. The VMW 's coverage stretches across large areas of West Flanders, Flemish Brabant and East Flanders.

In 2008 the VMW celebrated its 25th anniversary as an independent Flemish drinking water company. 2008 was also the first year of a new Business Plan for 2008-2012, which set out a vision for the future to allow the VMW to continue to grow as an integral water company.

Strategy and approach
An annual report is more than just compliance with a legal requirement. It is the prime opportunity for VMW to demonstrate its organisation and where it is heading in the future. It is for that reason that we chose to allow the 5 clusters of the strategic business plan to be revisited in the annual report: the expansion and strengthening of collaboration links, the development of new products and services, investment in new technology, working towards a dynamic business organisation and communication with all stakeholders. Because this annual report is also an anniversary edition, the employees of VMW were also allowed their voice. It is they who have ensured that for the past 25 years we (end consumer or industry) have been provided with clean, good quality water on a daily basis. The fact that in 2008 the VMW had been in existence for 25 years was also expressed on the cover. The inner sleeve consists of a collage of over 500 photos from VMW's archives. By cutting out the number 25 from the cover the collage is partly visible from the front.

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