Corporate publishing

Print design and corporate communication go hand in hand. It goes without saying that content structure, copywriting and design are the ingredients of a good publication. We believe the design should support the message and not the other way around. The form serves the contents, for a better communication.
Lemento offers:


  • literature systems for publications such as folders, posters, factsheets ...
  • corporate brochures/image brochures
  • annual and other reports
  • corporate advertising
  • periodicals such as a magazine or newsletter

Different stakeholders, different needs
Brochures can aim at different target groups. Each target group has other expectations and we take this into account particularly in corporate publishing. Naturally, we will also consider the different stakeholders in the online part. The main difference is that online we use only the one medium i.e. the website, whereas offline, we use several media. At Lemento, we distinguish:


  • corporate communication (all stakeholders)
  • marketing communication (clients and prospects)
  • investor relations (investors/shareholders)
  • analyst relations (industry analysts)
  • employment market communication or employer branding (future employees)
  • internal communication (current employees)
  • environmental communication (public authorities and society)
  • public relations (press)

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