Information design

Information design is of growing importance in the world of design. Information design allows us to understand information better and faster. This is of course very important considering the information overload that reaches us daily through different communication channels. The user is our main focus where information design is concerned.
We can help you with:


  • form design
  • information mapping
  • map and route plan design
  • infographics
  • wayfinding: sign and orientation systems (buildings, sites and vehicles)
  • proposal design (as a part of bid management)
  • user interface design

For many companies and public authorities, misunderstanding or misinterpreting information often leads to a huge hidden cost, caused by both inefficiency and image loss. For instance:


  • people fill out forms wrongly or incompletely because they do not understand them
  • visitors lose the way due to vague signs or route plans
  • bad instructions result in more accidents or overloaded call centres
  • graphics in annual reports are misinterpreted
  • website visitors cannot find a clear navigation structure and leave the site
  • proposals are barely read due to badly structuring ignoring the target group

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